What is Hook0?

Hook0 is a product that helps any software system (such as Software-as-a-Service applications) to expose webhooks to their end users.

About webhooks

Webhooks, as APIs, are a way to connect heterogeneous software systems together.

With an API, you allow another software to interact with your system's data, but this other software has to pull everything it needs! If you want to react to some event, this other software would need to periodically call the API and compare the fetched data to the one fetched previously to determine if something new did happened. It works, but it is tedious to do for developers because they need to handle some sort of synchronization instead on focusing on bringing business value.

With webhooks, the roles are inverted! One would need to create a subscription on your system, which is basically the list of events you are interested in and a target URL the system should call every time an event you subscribed to occurs. Then, you just have to write and host a web application to receive the events! This makes is really easy to create custom integrations or automation.

Our vision with Hook0

At Hook0, we believe that most software systems (especially SaaS) that reached product-market fit will need to offer to their users some ways to create integrations with other software (whether public or private/custom). Webhooks are a great way to achieve this, on their own or along with an API!

Implementing webhooks support in an application can feel like an easy task, but we observe two things:

  • usually, webhooks become necessary at a stage where product developers still have a lot to do and should focus on scaling up the value their product brings
  • it is actually not that easy to implement a good webhooks support, including good Developer eXperience (DX), security, performances, reliability, …

As the webhooks-related features are product-agnostic, we see teams re-implementing the same basic webhooks support over and over.

We believe that adding webhooks to a software system should be a convenience. We want to make it easier for developers to integrate their products to Hook0 than to build their own too basic webhooks system.


We believe that adding webhooks to a software system should be a convenience.
We want to make it easier for developers to integrate their products to Hook0 than to build their own too-basic webhooks system.

Hook0's features


  • Open-Source: Try it, host it, but above all build on top of something that is not going to disappear.
  • Fine-grained subscriptions: Enable your users to subscribe to your events by setting up a webhook. They can choose which event types they want to receive.
  • Multi subscriptions: Your users can register several webhooks, we will send events to all of them!
  • Event scoping: Scope events to one or several levels of your application. Users, organizations, administrators, [insert your own], they can all handle subscriptions to their events.
  • Auto-Retry: If Hook0 can't reach a webhook, or if it does not respond with a success code, Hook0 will try again automatically.
  • Events & responses persistence: Hook0 can keep track of every event your application sent it and of every webhook call. This can helps you debug things or act as an audit log !
  • GDPR Compliance: Hook0 is fully GDPR compliant and can easily execute a data processor agreement with your company if needed.


  • Dashboards: Either use Hook0 out-of-the-box dashboards to let your users see events that went through their subscriptions, or build your own with the API.
  • Failure notification: If after several retries Hook0 still can't successfuly reach a webhook, your user is notified by email.
  • High availability: Hook0 won't miss the events you send it.


Need something that is not here? Reach [email protected] and let us know!

What’s Next