Requests Limits

Hook0 imposes certain constraints on the size of data transmitted through its API

General API Request Limit

Max Request Body Size: All API requests to Hook0 must not exceed 2 MiB.


Why This Limit?

Restricting the request size ensures optimal performance and prevents abuse of the system.

Event Payload Limit

Sending to the Ingestion Endpoint

Maximum "Payload" Property Size: When sending an event to the ingestion endpoint, the payload property must be 699 kiB or less.

Binary Data Equivalent: This is roughly equivalent to 512 kiB of binary data, if transformed into a base64 string.

Types of Payload

Binary Payload: If sending binary data, ensure it is transformed into a base64 string.

Text/JSON Payload: The 699 kiB limit applies to text or JSON payloads as well.

Tips and Best Practices

  • Monitor Payload Size: Be mindful of the payload size when constructing events, as exceeding the limits may lead to request failure.
  • Utilize Compression: Consider compressing large payloads to fit within the size constraints.
  • Test Before Sending: Validate the size of the payload before transmitting to avoid unexpected errors.

By adhering to these guidelines and understanding the underlying limitations, developers can ensure smooth integration with Hook0's services and maintain a reliable connection.

What’s Next