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Smart retry policy

Hi, I cannot find anywhere in the documentation where it indicates the actual smart-retry policy timings. How often will it retry and for how long, also is there any chance that could be configurable?

Using Hook0 for a SaaS app

Hi, Wondering how one would dealt with a SaaS setup hosting multiple tenants. A 3rd party that wants to get notified about for example new orders being created, they need to create a subscription to an event and specify their applicationId. However, they likely might be interested in only new orders for a single or subset of the tenants. Is the idea to then namespace the events with some tenant identifier? If so, does that mean we need to add all the available events on a tenant-by-tenant basis? Or are there other mechanisms available to deal with tenant-namespacing in Hook0? Regards, Paul

Faulty admin dashboard

![](https://files.readme.io/5778a25-image.png) ![](https://files.readme.io/f44e3bd-image.png) Unable to access projects in the sidebar

Docker compose

Hello, Using the on-prem version, when I do docker compose like the guide said, I'm getting this error in many files: "error Delete `␍` prettier-vue/prettier". I tried everything on the internet but nothing worked. Can you help me please? Thank you

Error testing sending an event

Getting a 404 not found error when sending an event to the API I created a application (I'm using the token as the application Id Created an event type I have tried the sample code and also ran the generated sample code locally same response.

Running Hook0 on Prem

I see instructions to run with docker-compose, but after cloning the repository, I do not see a `docker` directory. Any ideas on if this is out of date?