Mobile device policy


The mobile device policy defines rules and principles for the use of mobile devices, such as laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

The policy is applicable to all internal and external personnel.


Remote working

  • You are not allowed to leave the laptop unattended in car or hotel unless properly secured, e.g. using a cable lock
  • Be aware of people peeking over your shoulder. If this cannot be avoided, use a privacy screen
  • Avoid the use of public Wi-Fi networks. If you must, use a VPN client


For mobile devices that are used to store or process information classified as Confidential or Sensitive:

  • Full disk encryption (BitLocker, FileVault or Veracrypt) must be enabled
  • The device must be protected using a password, pin code and/or bio metrics
  • Only authorized repair shops may be used
  • Unlock codes or passwords may not be shared
    Remote device wipe is enabled

Usage of own devices

It is allowed to use own mobile devices ("BYOD") for work-related tasks (e.g. accessing email) only if they submit to the terms in this policy.